Alder Hey Children’s Hospital

The new £237m hospital, which has been designed with the help of children and young people, will have 270 beds, including 48 for those requiring critical care.

Alder Hey Children’s Health Park is like no other hospital the UK has even seen. It will sit in the heart of Springfield Park, creating views of green space or parkland from every patient’s window.

The new building will have operating theatres nearly four times the size of their current facilities, and there will be more space around beds for parents to be with their children.

The building design has three distinctive prongs, which will be landscaped with turf utilising neighbouring Springfield Park, melding it into its “iconic” flower-type design which sets it apart. At the end of those prongs there will be play decks for children.

RJ Edwards provided all internal steel staircases, balustrades and handrails to extremely high specification, in keeping with this award winning building.